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Indulge in opulent comfort with our Crimson Red Silk Satin Pant Set, a harmonious blend of luxury and ease.

Crafted from sumptuous silk satin, the set envelops you in a sensuous, smooth embrace.

The rich crimson hue adds a touch of regal allure, elevating loungewear to a new level of sophistication.

The tailored yet relaxed fit ensures both style and comfort, while the lustrous fabric drapes effortlessly for a flattering silhouette.

Perfect for intimate evenings at home or lavish leisure, this exquisite pant set redefines luxury lounging, promising a sensation of indulgence and unmatched elegance in every wear.

Choose beauty, choose comfort, and choose luxury with our Silk Satin Pant Set.

  • Tall girl friendly.
  • Size down or refer to size chart.
  • Hand wash or dry clean. 


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